Rescuing Skills

It is important to have rescuing skills, so if you ever get in an uncomfortable situation you know what to do in order to be safe or to ensure that you do the right thing.

As example, one day you are in the hallway of your school, and someone walks up to one of your close friends, and they say something that is not necessary as a leader you should rescue that person: pull them from that situation or  change the subject.

My challenge to you is to rescue someone that you know or you might not know…

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-Emily Daigle ♥


My Mission Statement

Having personal principals is the key to success because your mission statement is what you live by and what you value. Also a mission statement is what you want to accomplish in your everyday life.

-Emily Daigle ♥
My mission statement

Attitude is EVERYTHING…

When you succeed at something you usually look back, and see how your attitude was when achieving that thing: Well anyways I do. Having a positive/good attitude during a difficult time is a quality that takes time and dedication.

If you do not like the way you are acting or if you do not like your attitude, you can change it. Everything you do stems from how you think about it if you have a positive attitude or the “I CAN” attitude you will most likely achieve whatever you are going after.

Do you think that “Attitude is Everything”?

Emily Daigle ♥

My Thoughts

In Teen Leadership recently we have been talking about how having positive and negative thoughts the way you act and the way you see different situations.

The way you think can affect you actions in positive or negative ways. If you think positively about something then most likely the outcome will be positive, and if you think negative about a something the outcome will most likely be negative.

A leader also sometimes has automatic thoughts. Automatic thoughts are the thoughts and images that involuntarily pop into our brains. They make up how we “read” a situation. Understanding our automatic thoughts can influence change in many different situations.

Do you think there is a way that you can control your automatic thoughts?



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-Emily Daigle ♥


What I Want People to See in Me….

When People look at me I want them to see me as someone they can trust. I feel like you become a leader when people trust you, to me being trustworthy is one of the biggest quality’s to becoming a leader.

Being Honest is another quality that I want people to see in me. For me, I know that is is definitely important to always be One-Hundred % honest because one little lie leads to the greatest of lies, and that is something you DO NOT want to get yourself into.

Last but not least I want to be seen as, Caring. I want people to always know that they can come to me with anything, and I wont judge them about it, or tell anyone if they don’t want me to.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room” -Jeff Bezos

-Emily Daigle ♥

My Personal Brand/Image

A personal brand is what makes you, you, and your image is how others see you. I enjoy playing sports such as volleyball, basketball, and showing pigs. I love spending quality time with my family and friends. I will never judge someone unless I have put myself in their shoes. The steps that I will take to manage my image are always being the best person I can be because I know that I am always being interviewed.


Emily Daigle ♥

Christmas Break

Over the Christmas Break I got to spend a lot of quality time with my family, eat a lot food, and sleep in. I also went to Whitney, TX, and went camping on our deer lease for a week my mom and I went to Waco, and visited the store Magnoila off of the show Fixer Upper we really enjoyed our time together and we will never forget the memories made.

Emily Daigle♥

Soul Surfer

The movie Soul Surfer helped me to understand the importance of Different I POSSES skills, because she keeps her head up and is persistent when she looses her arm, and she keeps pushing herself to be a good surfer even with the loss of an arm. 

Emily Daigle ♥



Nature is a very beautiful thing it consist of anything trees and wildlife. One thing I  enjoy about nature is going outside and listening to the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees and the sweet smell of plant life.  Toshihiro Gamo via CompBicolor Florists' Daisy in The Rain / 雨に濡れる洋菊(グラナ)fight

-Emily Daigle ♥


When I think of thanksgiving I think about spending quality time with my family, and eat a lot of food. I’m thankful for Jesus, Family, and my friends.

-Emily Daigle ♥

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